Ultra Frosty Fan Packs Chill the Air

Ultra Frosty Fan PackFor those who cannot benefit from the advantages of air conditioning, the fan is the best option available. But is there some way we could make our fan more efficient?

Apparently there is: a Ultra Frosty Fan Pack, three gel-filled packs you attach to your fan. The air is pushed through the ice-cold packs (you have to place in the freezer for several hours) which chill it, efficiently reducing the ambient temperature. That’s a low-cost, energy-efficient solution, which is apparently very affective although very simple. And if you buy several Ultra Frosty Fan Packs you can enjoy cool air all day long by switching the warmed packs with cold new ones.

The Ultra Frosty Fan Pack can be purchased for about US $15, which makes it a pretty good deal.

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